Cavallo Energy Texas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Calpine Corporation, was formed for the sole purpose of marketing and supplying the Texas General Land Office State Power Program (TSPP).

We offer customized solutions and specialized products designed specifically to assist GLO to meet the individual needs of the Public Retail Customer - ISDs, Cities, Counties, State Agencies, Hospital Districts, Colleges and Universities, Taxing Entities, and more - to satisfy their energy procurement objectives.

Our focus is only on the Public Sector Consumer and their specialized needs. We employ the best practices and technologies to effectively manage the switching, billing, remittance, processing, reporting and other customer services on behalf of the Texas General Land Office (GLO).

Learn how you can start saving today with GLO's low, fixed-price and green plans. Contact GLO and Cavallo Energy Texas today!

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Cites & Municipalities


Public Colleges & Universities

Military & Veteran Facilites

Taxing Entities within ERCOT

Glo State Power Program

Benefits Include:

Credit - Retail services supported by Investment grade credit support that is AAA rated by all three rating agencies.

Product Suite - Program offers full-suite of innovative and competitive retail products, including fixed price, heat rate, block and index, and demand response services

Inclusive Rates - The kWh rate is more inclusive than other providers, reducing the incremental pass-through costs common to other suppliers. The inclusive rate structure provides savings on both energy and TDU

Convenience - Flexibility and benefits of interlocal agreements without added steps of joining purchasing cooperatives or aggregations

TX Permanent School Fund - Provides direct benefit to Public Education with Program proceeds deposited into the Permanent School Fund, supporting public education throughout Texas

Payment Terms - Beyond the benefits of the Prompt Payment Act, the GLO offers flexible early-pay benefits for additional savings for public entities

GRT and PUCT assessments - The GLO does not separately invoice for reimbursements of GRT and PUCA assessments for qualified meters located within incorporated areas, a savings of up to 2.167% on both energy and TDU cost items

Fully Fixed Pricing - GLO's retail electricity rates are inclusive of fees other's routinely pass-through, e.g. emissions, line losses, standing fees, collateral fees

Invoices - GLO's bills are simplified – easy to read, understand, and find the data you're looking for

Experience - GLO program is available through direct sales, aggregations (e.g. Energy for Schools, Public Power Pool, Texas Education Center), brokers, and consultants

Meter Fees - No monthly meter fees

Line Losses - Invoices are based on actual usage and are not grossed up to account for line losses or losses on intra-zonal basis, unless requested by you

Full-Swing Provision - Retail agreement includes full-swing provision

Electronic Billing/ Web Portal - Electronic billing files and free web-based tools allowing easy access to online viewing of invoices